We're working to become the most trusted brand for engineering services in every sector of the manufacturing industry.


Alliance has never been about the list of services we provide. It's about the relationships we've built and the trust we've earned solving our clients' problems. We get up every day to help our clients ensure manufacturing in the U.S. stays strong, and grows even stronger. It’s what drives us.

jim burnette Co-founder
kevin kokal Co-founder

Strength in numbers.

Map of the united states with highlighted states


Blue states indicate locations of previous or active Alliance project participation.

Award Year: 89

  • Alliance opens its doors with 3 desks & truckloads of caffeine, then in 1990 hires first – and current – employee, Steve Miller

Award Year: 94

  • The nation’s largest spice manufacturer awards Alliance first Design/Construction Management project

Award Year: 97

  • Alliance opens the Baltimore office to serve an expanding Northern presence

Award Year: 03

  • Newport News office is opened to support shipbuilding and local industries and to expand the client base in the East

Award Year: 19

  • Alliance commemorates 30 years of serving the manufacturing industry – and celebrates with the entire Alliance family

Lead by example.

Great leaders aren’t defined by having the loudest voices or the most conspicuous presence, but by their ability to bring out the best in others. We’ve worked to identify, develop and position leaders who inspire people to do their very best work and support our vision of shared success. It’s the quality of our leaders—and the people they attract and support—that drives the quality of our service.

Headshot of Kevin Kokal

Kevin Kokal, P.E. | Chief Executive Officer

We’ve made a commitment to the industry to meet niche needs. That’s what we do. That’s what we do better than anyone else.

Headshot of Jim Burnette

Jim Burnette | President

As the manufacturing industry evolves, we have always remained flexible enough to see opportunities to innovate.

Headshot of Mark Feola

Mark Feola, P.E. | Vice President / Engineering

Globalization and technology constantly challenge U.S. manufacturing. We’re committed to supporting peak efficiency so our clients can stay competitive and keep the industry strong.

Headshot of Tony Delgado

Tony Delgado, P.E. | Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

We work to understand the pain points and anticipate the obstacles. We’re in the business of solving problems as a team - efficiently, affordably and reliably.

Headshot of VINCENT Kokal

VINCENT Kokal, P.E. | Market Sector Leader / Power Generation

Being RESPONSIVE is just as important to our work as being RESPONSIBLE. Our team understands the urgency of questions during outages. We’re committed to doing what it takes to meet the schedule demands.

Headshot of Robin Hunt

Robin Hunt | Corporate HR

Leaders are responsible for creating an environment that empowers everyone to continue on a path of personal and professional growth. That is our responsibility to each other.

Headshot of Kevin Shedd

Kevin Shedd | Market Sector Leader / Industrial

Regardless of how simple it may seem, we know every project is one of a kind.

Headshot of Sherri L. Allen

Sherri L. Allen | Client Relationship Manager

At Alliance, our name is our partnership philosophy. We’re client focused. Always have been, always will be.